Are any of you guys joinning this thing?
Would want to but my new nobo account (for trolling teh pros) shouldnt be there maybe?
What would happen if famous hackers actually went there to play lol.
Its nice to see Aeria doing these tournaments... Even if they keep being cheap -.- (Ap Weapon-magedon)
Would like to see these tournaments more...I want to them stuff like these in special channel per week (what they called? event?)
Only have less restrictions. Dont talk about match channel. I hate that too much (Well actual only competative stuff tho) *(No Proper CW?)
Should we have ava mpgh people local tournay for fun? (without hacks of course. We have pvp and other places to troll no?)
Although...success: 35% that is my bet :/
So what you guys think about these anyway?

Ps:Poll is fun. (Study/Research/Evil Scientist purposes)
**Ok maybe i said too much on the third option.