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    If Art money does not work for you I have Another way

    If you need to be able to scan pointers with all the same features as cheat engine i have found an answer i dont need noobs asking me for this i will not release to any unskilled coders it is acually very simple but it does work i can search any pointer all the way to base pointers gun add ect
    this can be used to make nice trainers as i dont have the pointer searching exp needed in ava i am willing to share with the right people
    that want to make hacks for this game without making public the way it is done the ac is not an issue anymore they can detect all day long now and patch dont matter i have not had much time to do any pointer searches other than some gun add and ammo count which should put me close to the recoil , spread ect ! as that is weapon based functions im pretty new to coding so it is kinda hard to find these and t i have found no good text to point me right to them like i can do in cod games if you reply i will check your background to see if you have made some hacks before
    if you have not i will ignore and delete the message only trustworthy coders need to pm me maybe we will see a few nice lil hacks or maybe we have to wait for me to find the addys either way they will get here would be great to have somone that knows how to pointer search the uav esp pointers
    for an updated uav this does work i could use some skilled help though i see no reason why we cant have a nice uav no recoil trainer for this section
    hope to hear from some coders if not ill keep working till i find the base addys and make it myself !!!

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