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    Exclamation No More Scammers .. Might be The End For u ;)

    Hello guys
    so ... i go into scammers grave everyday ! and that amount of scammers is huge !!
    So i thought .. if MPGH ,minons will make a new rule ! ... NO TRADING WITHOUT OMM !!
    and ofcorse the amount of OMM will be more !
    the OMM will be Choosen Nicely and carefully
    And there will be minons to watch those OMM (OMM Manger) ..
    maybe this way we can say good bye scammers ?!
    And!!! There will be A White List
    In White List goes all the trusted traders .. 100% trusted and recommended by OMM ...
    those in the white list have permission to trade without going back to OMM ..
    i really think this is a nice idea ..
    but theres lots of opinions .


    thanks for your time

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    Quote Originally Posted by lTugaPTl View Post
    Every one can trust this guy! He made several Trades and NEVER SCAMMED! I 100% VOUCH HIM AS A SAFE TRADER!
    Quote Originally Posted by Mohaimen Hassan View Post
    done... traded for 2 warface accounts
    nice doing trade with you.. 100% smooth! I also went first!
    Quote Originally Posted by dannyhoo View Post
    Totally 100% trusted, Don't afraid to trade with this guy!

    Quote Originally Posted by Maxedout View Post
    Nice guy, makes trades simple and easy. Thanks! +Vouch!

    Quote Originally Posted by zenoo787 View Post
    My account has been traded. Thank you for kingofproz! It was all right. Trust him. He trades clean, we traded without OMM, fast.
    Quote Originally Posted by *Firefly View Post
    King is great guy, trusted member vouch for him

    Even More On VM's page Check them

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    We're not going to force it. We always recommend to use an OMM but you guys don't have the patience to wait for one.

    Now that's your fault entirely. You should always use an OMM.

    Simple trades is somewhat understandable, but in the end its up to you.
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