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    All these noobs and leechers want positons now... Liz or Dave will decide this.
    say that for me?

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    Since the last thread one of you created didn't get you a clear enough answer from Liz, just had to make another?

    BACKD00R is one hour ahead of me.
    Dunno about Genesis, but he's AU.
    I'm on Eastern time (EST)

    That's a pretty good division and its spread pretty well. Clayton and I generally stay up a little late also. Minion cannot be asked for or begged for in any way. It has to be earned, when applications are open.

    I highly doubt any new ones will be needed or chosen for AVA. The section is running perfectly fine. If you see rule breaking posts, as usual, press the fucking report button. That gets the attention out to all the Minions in the sections, the GMOD's and Administrators. A much more efficient way of getting attention to the problem you see.

    We're not always online, so things might not get approved instantly at certain times.

    Anyway, we don't need an EU minion and I doubt we'll get one.
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