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    Quote Originally Posted by ccman32 View Post
    I'm not a copy&paster, get this fact into your little brain and stop complaining about it. You can't even tell me where i should copy paste anything from because there is no existing public source where i could copy paste from.
    No existing source ? Hooks -> Functions which some of them you don't know , then make your buggy menu which uses some canvas functions to draw the strings on the menu then This is by ccman32 . Coder: ccman32 ...... when <Username> said that most of his words were right , and you're just denying that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ccman32 View Post

    Well, it's not like im the only one saying that:
    I don't have that kind of problem.

    Quote Originally Posted by ccman32 View Post
    And now stop with this shit, please. It's actually really pissing me off, all day long these non sense flaming and rage conversations that just take my time for nothing.
    Code something cool, release it and be happy while letting me learn and improve my c++ knowledge. Nobody needs someone telling him how bad he is in doing this and that but even more nobody needs someone telling him he cannot do this and that while he actually can. This is just stupid and annoying. If you are such a good coder, you would not talk like that and help me instead like HOOAH07 does.
    No one is trying to show off except you. And why should we help an arrogant person? So that you will learn from us, take the knowledge and make it like your own?

    Well sir, when someone is showing off while he is bragging about it in your face, you can't just let it go, can you?
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    Nice. Time to clean this shit up and handle it appropriately.
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