Listen guys, i have got an idea. Some patches ago bino hop and bino jump glitches stopped working, they patched it. As i understood, they changed the weight of bino and c4, so its now very light. (how i got it: once i glitched on SKUA and if you are in the defenders team, if you go left side theres like a wood shit that you can break, theres a roof glitch near it, so when i tried to glitch i dropped the KEY (documents) on the wooden shit and it moved very well, when i did the same with bino nothing happend. By the way bino hop and jump working with KEY (documents). So im pretty sure they changed the weight of bino and c4 but 4got to change the key's weight .)
So, now, why I'm saying all this, I have a question: If we can change the weight of bino / c4 somehow? Is it server sided? If we can change thing's properties somehow through the memory it can work on the weapons too :P