Hey mpgh im here to say thanks for a member that helped me very well when i lost my account i treid to create one but u know u will not get any permanent weapon but with ap's i have do some offers and i have k1a1 from 4th mega capsule but when u play with anoob rank you cant go on match channel and there where i usually play
but when i asked @ Minebill he gave me his account and let me play with for 3 months i think it has perm para perm amd perm asw and i did offers to his account for free without he tells me and i bring m4a1 bald eagle from 4th mega capsule season but now he sell the account and that's what we talked about thanks to him tooo much thank you minebill
but now i'm without an account if u have extra one u can help me i'm not a scammer u can ask minebill.