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    AVA hacks question (Before i buy)

    Hi there, I have a few questions before i buy VIP from this site, Seven days ago i bought VIP from *********... I downloaded their loaders but i couldn't download the hack, They told me to turn off my firewalls, I turned off my firewalls, Hack didn't work, I even turned off my router firewall, They told me to call my ISP, i called my ISP and they weren't blocking anything off, The hack still doesn't work, So now i'm sitting here, I just paid for a months subscription but the hack doesn't work, They all pretty much keep telling me to turn off anti-virus etc etc over and over again, the hack isn't downloading and so far nothing has been done to fix it, Now I know there is nothing wrong with my computer or my connection... I don't know what the problem is but i do know its not my machine... So my question to you guys Is that is this going to happen here aswell, If it does happen will i get refund? Or will i get the idiot treatment and be asked the same fucking questions over and over?


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    Cant really help you with another site's hack, you need to talk to their VIP support, if they can't/won't help you, have PP do a chargeback. Though that might get you banned. I recommend PMing the site owner.

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