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well. i tried that and still didnt work but i looked around and found someone who has the same problem as me on the ijji forums.they said for him to try to update his drivers because they were either corrupted or overlapping. i used the recommended program and even another one similar to it(driver genius pro) and (drivermax) but i still get that fking error. i think my last option is to just reformat my computer and start over :c

sorry for the double post but i just checked out my task manager because lately ive had problems closing and opening applications.especially my web browser opera.it keeps saying failed to open opera,please close all other opera applications before opening a new application. when it was closed. and i would have to use task manager to close it.but anyway on my task manager is this normal? i mean im pretty sure i shouldnt have so many run32dll.exe's and the other microsoft exe files. so what should i do?
same as firefox..thr rundll i think its normal but too many scvhost is bad..