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You can use either this: https://www.mpgh.net/forum/201-allian...1-08-12-a.html
Or this: https://www.mpgh.net/forum/201-allian...k-updated.html

They require injector. You won't need to do step one in thm cause you already did.

bro ty alot for reply ))

bt for sorry ur dll hackdoens't work in game for me or in other meaning all dll files doesn't work for me (((

can u offer anyhelp ??

tht doesn't work for me

bt i doesn't try the ui information and gonna try it now

but does it work wiz all maps of pvp

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Same here bypassed GG and also already added many weapons (looking for address manualy) evertithing worked fine. Only these whole pointer stuff doesn´t work(AUV/Ghost) the pointers either point at nothing (6.1CE included in bypass) or they´re 0Pointers(6.2CE i already had). And of course 64. Just wondering why.
same thing bro i tried the uav hack

as they said when in game shoot 1 shot then look at the values when they reaches 00000000 press up arrow then it will be 0000999 ( the last digits are 999)

that's really fake cuz when u shoot 1 shot the values never came to 00000000 instead, it changed to numbers land letters like tht ab58005n9f3 (for example)

then when u press up arrow the values came 2 00000999 bt it always change 2 numbers and letters so it never stops at 0000999 whenever u press up arrow

it's fake