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    Frequently Asked Questions - aka "What Not To Post"

    The following is a list of questions that have been asked so often as to be almost comical. They are categorized for you, but, in general, there is one underlying rule involved. Don't suggest or ask these things. Read over this list carefully. If your question falls under one of these topics or categories, do not post it. It will cause your thread to be locked and/or deleted on sight.

    Frequently Asked Questions:
    • How can I add guns while I'm on 32bit? Actually you can't let Cheat Engine work on 32bit because Ava hided the PID. There are enough services in the market section so use that instead posting here.

    • Where can I find these gun adder codes? here

    • Can I add and have any capsule weapons and shop weapons? For shop weapons you still need to be the desired rank and pay for it, for Capsule and AP weapons is the answer no, also I don't want to see these thread with asking these weapons.

    • Can I delete my gun adder weapons? No unless someone make something that will works, this also include for perm coop weapons and ap weapons.

    • How can I bypass Ava? Well there's only a bypass for 64bit which can be find here

    • How can I fix these gameguard error (.erl files)? Well there's not really a solution for it but you can avoid these errors by deleting the .erl files in the beginning when your start Ava. There's also a program for it which can be found here

    • How do I inject a hack?Download any available injector which isn't detected for Ava. Run it as Administrator and simply typ the process name: AVA.exe for injector which need to type or click AVA.exe when the game starts. Browse your favorite hacks and inject by clicking the inject button.

    • Why am I lagging so hard? Because you have to much process opened on your background, that uses CPU which makes you lagg, kill them all to have a lagg free game, sometime your computer can suck so you need to buy a new one or replace the graphic card.

    • Why is my ping so high? Because you've installed Akaimi netsession, uninstall that and you get a low-ping, closing all the internet programs will help you to. If you still lagg you have a bad internet provider.

    • Error while opening process? This error will happen when you use Cheat engine without a bypass, to fix that error simply go using a available bypass.

    • I don't have a good pc for the Euro and/or EXP adder, who can add for me? Well, there are plenty of services in the market section, head over there. There might be some services that requires money, but still there are free ones.

    • I can't connect to AVA, are the servers down? If you want to know about this you can simply visit this link, there is a server status inside this thread. Follow the instruction of it to know if it down or not.

    • Where can I find some working gun adder? You can't anymore, it's patched for now, maybe it will come back in the future.

    • How can I change my wins and loses? We can't, we didn't figure this out and won't be done.

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    Updated some info.

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