The New Thread For How to Bypass AVA Game Guard ....
First Thing: thanks to : meawww + Jabberwo0ck + Mohaimen Hassan
Second Thing: this is the full steps to Bypass the AVA Game Guard
Third Thing: let's see the steps
Tip: See the thread to the end there's more tips
First Step
1-Go to AVA Folder then Binaries
2-Right Click AVA.exe - Properties
3-Check Read Only - Go to Compatiblity
4-Change Settings for all users check Run as administrator + Run compatiblity : Windows SP 2
5-Apply + Ok
6- Go to AeriaGames/AVA/NewzLauncher.exe
7-Right Click then Properties Check Read only + go to Compatility
8-Change settings for all users then check run as administrator
9- Run compatiblity : Windows SP2
Now the Second Step
1-Go to AVA Folder then Binaries then delete Game Guard Folder finally delete GameGuard.des
2-download the files which is in the attachment
Important tip: in the attachment there's Cheat Engine Portable + Game guard folder and GameGuard.des
Third Step
1-Go to Control Panel > User Accounts and Family Safety >User Accounts.
2-Click "Change user account control settings".
3-Drag down the thingy to "Never Notify" aka UAC (User Account Control Off)
Fourth Step
1-Run "mk_bcdentry.bat".
2-Run no_ds_pg.exe
3-New window will popup with options About, Patch, Exit.
4-Click Patch Attention!!!, Before clicking the "Patch" make sure you didnt closed the CMD Window!.
5-Copy both of this files osloader.exe + osloader.exe.BAK and ntkrnlmp.exe + ntkrnlmp.exe.BAK to C:\Windows\System32
6-Open the file dseo13b.exe.
7-Click next / yes till you get into the main program.
8-Select "Sign system file".
9-in the empty place Put dbk32.sys then press ok.
10-Repeat number 9 and put dbk64.sys on the text box then press OK.
11-after doing number 10 now you gonna select Enable Test Mode
12-Restart your computer.
13-New"Boot Menu" will show up saying "Windows 7 or PatchGuard Disabled v3" select the "PatchGuard Disabled"
5th Step
1- Go to The CE in the erl bypasser file
2-Click Edit > Settings > Extra.
3-Check Read/Write Process Memory.
4-Click "OK".
6th Step
1-Run "start-hidecon.bat" and the CMD will open.
2-Type command line put "hidecon -ld" without quotes to load the driver.
3-Run the cheat engine portable 6.2.
4-Back to CMD window put "hidecon -l" without quotes.
5-Back to CMD window put hidecon -ph (Space) "ProcesID" of the cheat engine you find doing the step 4
ex: hidecon -ph 1234
9-Now you have Cheat Engine hidden from Gameguard.
Important tips
First tip is very very important : Open the game from NewzLauncer not aeria ignite
Second tip : this is only for x64 if you want to try in x32 idk cuz i didn't try it in x32
Third tip : is to follow this steps
Forth tip : this is 3x1 thread
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3rd:Alliance of Valiant Arms (AVA) Hacks - MPGH - MultiPlayer Game Hacking - Hacks, Cheats, Trainers, Games, Downloads
and finally please Thanks + Download and thank
meaww + Mohaimen Hassan +Jabberwo0ck

I'm on [Step 4 - 2] and after the CMD window does its little thing and I run no_ds_pg.exe, the patcher doesnt have a file to patch and when i hit ''patch'' it says ''Cannot find the file. Search for file?''
what should I do?? proceed?