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    Hack Prerequisites

    Since some of you still seem not to know what are the prerequisites for MOST of the hacks out there in order for them to work properly, here they are:

    Hack Prerequesites:

    - You must have Visual C++ Redistributable Package for Visual Studio 2015 on your computer, (especially if the hack you are trying to use was made in Developer Mode).

    - You must have .NET Framework 4.6 or newer installed on it - Official .NET Framework Homepage.

    - You must have DirectX 11 or newer installed on it, (you can update past DX9 by accessing the "updates" section in the Control Panel).

    Important Note:
    - Windows XP SP 2/3 uses DirectX 9.
    - Windows Vista uses DirectX 10.
    - Windows Vista SP1 + uses DirectX 10.1, (except if it has the 971512 update, then it uses DirectX 11).
    - Windows 7 uses DirectX 11.

    - The Operating System (O.S.) of your computer must be Windows 7 or later.

    - You must run the injector as Administrator.

    - You must ensure the injector is designed for your computer operating system, (e.g. 64-bit injector goes with a 64-bit O.S.).

    - For hacks relating to D3D, you must have D3D9.dll, MSVCR100.dll, and MSVCR100D.dll installed on your computer.

    Note: The following links are for the previously mentioned necessary dynamic link libraries for running a D3D-based hack.

    - D3D9.dll
    - MSVCR100.dll
    - MSVCR100D.dll

    This is all for now.
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