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    Question Help Me CE And Bypass on Xp 64 Bits Sp2

    Hi Brothers

    I have errors when starting the CE and by placing the FarmEuro hack. these are the errors.

    As well when I try and put the hack Eurofarm step d Advance Options / Find Out What Addresses This Code Accesses/ I select this and the AVA crashe

    and when I try to jump me the Cheat Engine DBK32.DLL error and perhaps this is me trying to crash the ava place the hacker farmeuro

    in a part of the bypass guide says I have to restart the PC and press F8 and select / Windows 7 or Disabled PatchGuard v3. the problem here is that I have XP 64 bit SP2 And when he pulled out F8 me many options but not the PatchGuard. What is this option in Xp 64 bit?

    Well here I leave a picture Dbk32.dll error when I try to open the Cheat Engine.

    There is a guide to Bypass xp 64 bit?

    Please Help me brothers And sorry for my bad English

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