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    Need Help How To Fix Security Alert

    0xE019100B When the unnecessary program is running durring the game play, the error occurs. Please, turn offf third party programs and restart the game. '' Can someone please please please help me get this out of the way i cant used a single hack For A.V.A at all much much much respect all i want is to farm in get some money cus im tired of spending money to get euro in i be so thanklfull if someone can help me tru it all untel i get the thang working :,/ anyone if someone can spare a small timee i be thankfull for the rest of my life. Sincerly Jhonel Resco.

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    make sure you have only undetected hacks and so remove old hacks (like the old euro farmer,etc)
    if you had security alert remove .log/.exe files in xigncode.usa folder in your ava binaries and make sure you renamed the detected hacks that would like to use (into a random name like "roflrofl",etc.)
    do that EVERYTIME if you have a security alert
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