hello the point of this thread of mine is to see if anyone else has found a way to get bonus items or make maps
easier to complete with some kinda bug

like we all know about the bg easy bug and the bug to get 7day ppsh or stgg on pbs
but what else is there?

is there anything else? has anyone found a diffrent way to bug certian rooms?
ive been spending the past hour or so trying this exact thing out on the lockdown maps
bg maps and some other coops but i have come up short almost each time, either everyones
dead before ive tested my theory like dieing on box 3 in the lockdown exstreme mission with
a pbs bug i tried to see if dieing on box 3 would supply you a prize like the mask for lockdown maybe, or
if anything would happen at all.

point is, what have you tried, what has worked if any, is the bg bug and the pbs 3box bug all there is?
please be polite and dont answer unless youve tried it yourself or are 100% sure
as for me im going to test a few more theories out

if this is in wrong section or breaking any rules i am not aware of i apoligies in advance