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    Quote Originally Posted by neo015 View Post
    What version of art money is undetected?
    Dunno, try a few, I guess. Maybe the most recent one...?
    Try this if you live in the US.
    And try this if you are having problems or live in/closer to Europe.

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    If you need my help, feel free to contact me. Unless you're gonna beg- then leave me alone. ಠ_ಠ

    Quote Originally Posted by ccman32 View Post
    Stop begging, it's just annoying.
    Best quotes ever:
    Quote Originally Posted by Jabberwo0ck View Post
    Hell no. They don't ban me. Simply because they can't.
    Quote Originally Posted by RageSmirk View Post
    I'm above the law.
    Quote Originally Posted by Antipathy View Post
    You should all have knife-fights to the death to amuse me.
    Quote Originally Posted by Dave84311 View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by zZzeta/S View Post
    It should be allowed to brutally murder people if their iq is below 10...

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