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    Question Need help,ask ccman32

    well @ccman32, I have made superweapon and unlimited ammo hack,but don't know how to make knife booster hack.
    this is your description:
    Knife Booster: Doubles the hit range of your knife + Instant hit.

    can you tell me some secrets? offsets? =value ? . thanks very much!
    I find memory for this player->weapon->ammo or superwon ,where is the knife booster or bullet instant hit,in the same range of the weapon struct ?
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    The knife booster i released some time ago changed 4 values in the games memory:

    The knife range on left click attacks
    The knife range on right click attacks

    These are both stored in this array in the game:
    -> TArray< float > KnifeRange;
    The current offset is 0x06F0 but it depends on how good your pointer actually is.

    The delay between clicking and hitting on left click attacks
    The delay between clicking and hitting on right click attacks

    Im not exactly sure about these, they could be in this array:
    ->TArray< float > HitDecisionTime; (Offset 0x06D4)
    but they could also be in this one:
    ->TArray< float > RefireCheckTime; (Offset 0x06FC)

    All these values are members of the class AavaWeap_BaseKnife in AVA.

    While im pretty sure that the hit delay changing would still work, changing the knife range is already patched.

    What you can do if these offsets do not work:
    Look at the LAST offset of your superweapons pointer.
    What is it? The perfect pointer would have the last offset 0x06F4.
    Is it not 0x6F4?
    No problem, just subtract 0x20 from your offset and you should be at the HitDecisionTime array.
    To get to each of the 2 value in the array, add one more offset to the pointer (0x0 for the first and 0x4 for the second value).
    If the HitDecisionTime is not what you wanted, try the RefireCheckTime array by adding 0x28 to the HitDecisionTime pointer and dont forget the last offset 0x0 and/or 0x4 to get to one of the 2 values (left and right click).

    IMPORTANT: Do NOT try to change these values when you are actually holding a gun in your hands in AVA and not a knife. That would most likely result in a game crash. To be able to check which gun you actually hold in your hands, you will need a pointer to this value:
    ->unsigned char WeaponType; (Offset: 0x0318)

    This enum will be useful for that:
    enum WEAPON_TYPE
    WEAPON_SMG = 3,
    WEAPON_ETC = 7,
    WEAPON_RPG = 8,
    WEAPON_MAX = 10

    WARNING: To be able to do what i've just explained, your pointer HAS to work for all types of weapons you can have, including rifles, knifes and nades. If you've just focussed on rifles when trying to find the superweapons value, there is a high chance that your pointer is useless for knifes.
    In this case, you need to find a working one or you are not able to try anything with knifes.

    You did not understand what i've just said? Gtfo because you don't know shit about game hacking at all. If that's the case, go and learn basic stuff first before trying to do anything related to game hacking / memory editing. There are quite a lot tutorials about game hacking available at the moment, here on MPGH but also on other forums i'm not allowed to mention.
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