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    Quote Originally Posted by RageSmirk View Post

    It does have, in Memory View's menu...

    When you pick a gun from the ground it deletes the current gun's class and creates another class for the picked up gun. So the addresses are changing. Which means you can't search for 'changed value'. 8 is for the number of bullets the shotgun fires at one shot.
    That totally clarifies the question. Then how is the pointer scan doing this? I thought it does a similar thing where I scan for an initial value at an address, then when I scan for a new value, it scans for the new value among the previous addresses? Is pointer-scan not address-dependent? Thank you to all you guys for spending your valuable time helping noobs like me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by powerw6 View Post
    Is pointer-scan not address-dependent?
    If you search by value then obviously it's not. Anyways, it's probably better to follow what others suggested here. You can also find new hacks, and understand better what is a class/struct.
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