No it is straight forward and if you can not accomplish that you surely can not manage to even use the hack .
Sorry i have more important things than making videos on what i already explained in total clarity .
Make a new folder in you AVA game folder put the AVA.exe and NWZ.exe in that new folder and name it good back up .
Take the AVA.exe and NWZ.exe and place them where your originals were .
The AVA.exe is in C:\AeriaGames\AVA\Binaries and the AVA.exe is in C:\AeriaGames\AVA
if you can not understand that i am sorry .

- - - Updated - - -

windows ten You will have to find out how to add an exception for it . maybe a you tube video .
This may help you

- - - Updated - - -
@Blue Jay The game is updating so i will have to see if they now have the heartbeat or not .
As of now the bypass is obsolete .
If a new one is possible "no heart beat " i will update this .
Please list this and the other threads as patched thank you .