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    Skin For Your Self [And Others]

    Hello guys im going to send you some links for you so that you can make your own skins for what every you want.

    And this is not me doing the video i have not tested this.

    This has worked since December and dont think its patched but doing this is Not Bannable

    Part 1:
    Part 2:
    Part 3:

    And just so you know you can re-skin anything. Im not sure if it can work online but have been told it can do aswell as still not get banned.

    Just for you people who think i cannot be bothred to re-skin something and just want to hack. With doing this you can re-skin the models of PLAYERS AND CLAYMORS ETC. So you can see them more easily.

    But plz when you have re-skin Models of Players etc. Post it on mpgh so we can save time for other people thanks.

    If you think that your not going to post it and make it private there is no point because we can all just re-skin the models if we really really want to.

    So just post to save time and help others.
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    074danny (3 weeks ago)
    when i start a game it says main/iw07 is different
    GlitchuR (3 weeks ago)
    It was patched the few days ago now server check your files with hoster files and u see that message.But it is work if you are the game HOST.
    So at present it doesn't work...

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