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    Reset Rank.

    Lots of people these days are unsure on how to reset your rank, its super simple, Ill make it easy and show you in steps.

    Step 1: your gonna wanna open your C Drive, and navigate to C/Program Files/Steam/Steamapps/Common/ModernWarfare2/players from there, delete all files that are .stat

    Step 2: Your gonna need to go to C/Program Files/Steam/Userdata/Some numbered folder/Some numbered folder/Remote and delete the file, also delete remote.vdf

    Step 3: Run MW2, for it to save, you gotta play a game, but of course we hack, so run a Hack program if you want to, inject all that stuff, play a game, and it will save your stats.

    Happy Gaming/Hacking.

    Don't forget to thank!!

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    Thank you man
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