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    [Guide] Stealth Classes.

    First off, let me stress the importance of Stealth Classes. Modern Warfare 2 is all about using your eyes--whether you use UAV's or Thermals, you use your eyes to seek your target, then you pull the trigger. This is why you need your stealth classes--if UAV's can't find you, then their eyes won't seek you. Stealth Classes are a complete opposite to Rushers, and a perfect counter to them.

    And by the way, READ the guide before saying it's a good guide. I'm all open for criticism.

    Yes, they aren't really that popular because you don't get as many kills, but you get the least deaths all the damn time.

    They're both beneficial to both your team and yourself. Why? KILLSTREAKS for you, less deaths for you. That means you're helping the team AND yourself. Rushers usually kill a lot and die a lot, meaning, sometimes, he's the one to blame when you lose. You'll be killing, maybe not a lot, but you'll definitely have the least deaths.


    Rushers - Rushers don't really use silencers, Cold-Blooded, or Ninja Pro because, well, why the hell would they? The normal habit of rushers is that they take the usual path--they run through the path they everyone takes. They stick together and start being loud as possible. Everybody knows where you are.

    Stealth - Stealthy classes use paths nobody really takes. They're usually quite stationary, but they ARE on the move. The worst kind of stealth class is one that camps, and he's just being a douche. Not to mention we pick off rushers that always expose themselves in the open while we prone around with silenced weapons. Stealth classes make sure the enemy has no time to shoot you because they don't know where you are and you are where they don't expect you to be.

    You should know your maps. This is key because some maps are just crap if you're going stealth. Wasteland is great for picking off stray snipers, but horrible if you're looking for a lot of kills because the trenches are always the hotspot.

    In addition to knowing your maps, you should pick certain hiding spots and progressive hiding spots. If you start the game, you should hurry to position 1, wait for an enemy, engage, then quickly move to position 2. 3. 4. Repeat.

    Different maps call for different weapons. AR's, SMG's, and if you're comfortable enough, the M21.

    Stay the fuck away from your team. I mean, your team is probably gonna go around with loudass footsteps and unsilenced weapons, and you don't want to get mixed with that. Go AROUND them if you can and flank the other side.

    Yes, turtle beach, or Sitrep Pro, is the counter to Stealth Classes, in some way. But not really. You won't be sprinting a lot when you're a stealth classes so you won't making too much noise anyway. Crouching reduces footsteps altogether, and Ninja Pro cancels Sitrep Pro out, making the footstep volumes normal.

    Stealth classes are also very good for taking out snipers. There ARE snipers that rush, so they'll come to you. Snipers that camp? You'll go to them. Either way, they won't know where you are.

    WHAT NOT TO DO. Don't take regular paths. If you have to, do it QUICK, but you should be taking cover most of the time.

    Anything you want. Though, if you're looking for KILLS, I suggest UAV and COUNTER-UAV. They are powerful perks, for the lowest cost.

    I don't suggest Care Packages and Sentry Guns. They give away your position. Especially Emergency Airdrops.

    What's good about Stealth Classes and Killstreaks is that you'll totally be hidden when using some of the good killstreaks that you control, like the AC130, Chopper Gunner, and Predator Missile. But then again, that's not too big of a deal.

    If you're looking to get a nuke, don't use this class. If you're looking to raise your K/D ratio, use this class. Definitely.

    Sleight of Hand Pro - Quite helpful. Reloading time is useless because you'll have plenty of time to reload. Sight Time might help a bit.

    Bling Pro - Yeah, sure, why not. Only if you need to.

    One Man Army - Let me explain this part. Early in the game, you probably want to use the advantages of the other red perks, if you're going hardcore stealth. If you hear that UAV from the other team, you should quickly change classes with Cold-Blooded. If you're in Wasteland, I suggest just keeping with Cold-Blooded. Thermals out there.

    In addition to that, in S&D games, use the Claymore / C4 combination. That shit REALLY helps. You wouldn't believe the amount of kills I got in terminal using that. I got a Pave Low within the first two rounds. But I wasn't being a douche and placing it in the same place then camping, I put it just as you place a claymore, strategically, then go to some other place and start hunting.

    Scavenger - The best perk to use if you've got an SMG handy. Excluding the P90, short mags, low ammo, doesn't really help.

    Cold-Blooded - EXTREMELY IMPORTANT. Not only will this hide you, your opponents will seek the red dots in their Radar, which means they're not looking for you. That's the perfect time to catch them off guard.

    COLD-BLOODED PRO! YES. The easiest way to get this is to look for a helicopter, any helicopter, on fire and spinning out of control. Every bullet you shoot at it counts as a 'kill' for your Cold-Blooded achievement.

    Ninja Pro - This is what you should be using ALL THE TIME.


    Any Assault Rifle, to be honest, but use Silencers. There's really no point in using Cold-Blooded without Silencers...But there is a point using silencers without Cold-Blooded, lol. But yeah, even SMG's. SMG's are best because when you're stealth, you're most likely going to be close range, and SMG's allow faster sight times than AR's, and faster sprints. AR's have longer range.

    If you're a Sniper guy and don't like Hardcore games, Stealth is not for you. If you can manage an M21 Silenced and spraying your ass off, stealth is okay, just not to its full advantage. Don't even use silencers on an Intervention in non-hardcore games--they almost never work.

    LMG's, they're not so good. Why? Speed. Sometimes you have to take regular paths in order to get to a hiding spot, and without the use of Lightweight, you'll sprint slow, which means more chance of you getting flanked. Not to mention you can't raise LMG's as fast as AR's and SMG's. SMG's being best.

    Don't use launchers...what?

    Pistols...they're kind of useful, I guess. You won't have trouble reloading, so you don't really need the fast switch.

    If you don't like using scavenger, I suggest using Machine pistols. Why? You can use silencers on them and they're just as powerful as SMG's. Low mags though, low ammo. It's pretty handy actually. If you've got Bling Pro on, use Akimbos too, since you'll be close range.

    Shotguns. Spas-12 with silencer is pretty terrible. You don't have enough time to shoot them and get away with it--they'll either run away from you, or run away from you, turn around, and shoot your ass. Probably the only useful one is the M1014's, silenced, but it looks lame, but whatever.

    TDM - You can definitely go stealth with these, if you're in a large map. Not so much a small map or maps like scrapyard because people see you all the time and rely less on UAV's.

    S&D - Probably the best time to use these.

    Free-For-All - Definitely, since Free-For-Alls are usually quieter games. Not to mention, if you give away your position after you kill them, they'll come looking for you only to find out you're not there, but you know where they are.

    Hardcore S&D - YES. I lied. This is actually the best gametype to use the class.

    Ground War - NO. People see your ass all the damn time. Don't do it.

    Domination - Slightly. I mean, it's worse than TDM but better than Ground War. It's good to pick off guys secretly and slipping past your enemies to get that unguarded flag, but they'll get to you eventually. You're not fast enough to do it anyway. You're just as useful to any rusher, maybe even less.

    Frags/Semtex - You can use these. No real explanation.

    Claymores - YES. It's not a bad idea to make a claymore very visible. You can place a claymore in an open area and a rusher will come by and stop there. You realize that, right? They obviously won't go close to it because they'll die if they do, unless they have Scrambler Pro or Lightweight. They'll take the time to aim and shoot the claymore, which is your chance to pick them off. Contrast to the C4, you don't need to look at your claymore, just near it. So if you're got a position where you need to hide, claymore is for you.

    C4 - ANOTHER YES. Again, same as claymores, except you have to look at these. The advantage though is that they have a larger blast radius and is not affected by Lightweight or Scrambler Pro--just your own reaction time.

    Throwing Knives - Not really necessary. I mean, you can use these, but there are much better equipments to use than these.

    Tactical Insertion - Again, not really necessary. The point is to NOT DIE. And it's not hard to go back to a hiding position once you respawn.

    Smoke - Not too great, it's okay.

    Stuns - Yes, because they throw these faster than Flashes.

    Flashes - Yes. Just yes.

    Here's a nice trick. Playing dead.
    I use this all the time. I had a hardcore free-for-all where I took my stealth class up in Estate, in the room and I proned, spammed the switch weapon button, and waited. With the use of Cold-Blooded PRO, repeat, PRO, some guy just came up next to me and proned, not noticing I was alive. Yeah, got the kill easy.

    This only works with the ghillie suit though.

    Final Stand, period. You're not going to be close-ranged when they kill you, so Martyrdom is useless. Copycat is definitely useless. Painkillers are useless because you're not going to be killed within those 10 seconds, most likely.

    Final Stand may get you flanked, but at least you killed them first. Yeah, they'll come to you to get payback.

    That's what I got so far. Criticize me, I'm all ears.

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    Good tutorial, really. I still like louder classes and rushing.

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    I think this is a great tutorial. But, could Improve on getting the tutorial more appealing(colors, bold stuff and etc.)

    but about what you wrote, it is just perfect. I mean you explain the maps, the way you PLAY with the class, not just what to do or what it means to be a stealth guy.
    I would suggest writing about using a stealth Sniper. That might improve your tut. a little

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    nice i like the cold blod3d "PRO" ghillie trick made me lol

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    Very good.
    but if your really good Why not rush and get 23 kills and get about 10 deaths

    Depends where you go if you rush..

    I rush and always have a great kdr. i use stealth i get 9 kills 1 death usaly but i need lvling lol
    Thank Me


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    /closed due bump.

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