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    Lightbulb how to dominate the game

    hey guys this tutorial will help you dominate the game and give you scores like
    240k 13d my best so far =) this is for tdm only it may be useful in other gametypes
    ok lets get started

    1.KILL THE ENEMY MORALE once you do that it will be too easy to win in order to do that you will need a constant supply of killstreaks which leads us to point 2

    2.CAMP no i dont mean sitting in one corner waiting for some random person to pass you have to camp tacticaly what does this mean basically it means you have to find a good spot camp for max 20 seconds then move to the next one also move to next if you kill a enemy

    3.CHANGE TO HIGH KILLSTREAKS so no more uav and that shit unless its hardcore but this is for core so numbers from 7 are good best combo of streaks is emergency airdrop pavelow and chopper gunner simply kill 9 people throw airdrop marker and hide get 2 kills and alot more with pavelow grab crates launch chopper party repeat =)

    4.DONT GET PISSED just cause you start bad keep it cool its just a game if you get frustrated you will kill nobody resulting in rage quit

    5.PREAIM better to aim at nothing than not aim at all and face 3 players always preaim when going in corners...

    6.DONT SPRINT ALL THE TIME you can you just might run into the enemies face before you can draw your gun and be too far to knife him sprint only when you have to or you use a knifing class

    7.TAKE TACTICAL ROUTES dont just run in the middle of the map like a headless chicken instead take paths that almost nobody visits this way you can surprise the enemy

    8.CROUCH WHEN FIRING FROM THE HIP it will make a great difference as soon as you see an enemy close crouch and fire or even better aim even at close range

    9.NEVER GO IN GROUPS mw2 is a lonely wolf game this aint battlefield always be alone as its harder to spot 1 player than 6 together

    10.KNIFE IF YOU ARENT SPOTED dont just shoot every person that doesnt see you coming instead try knfing otherwise you will just give away your position

    11.KILL CAMPERS those guys can ruin the whole game no not the tactical ones but campers that stay at one spot they are easy to get rid of just stick em with semtex dont let them breathe just because they dont seem to be a big threat they can ruin your killstreak count if you accidently run in their area

    12.HAVE FUN most important rule this is a game and it should be played as a game it should be fun for more info see point 4

    ()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()() ()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()

    ok that is all for now hope you find good use of it
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    waiting for someone to help me fix my shit

    enjoy the nightmare bitch

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