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    How to Reset your level.

    Well, I only take credits on actually making up this thread, posting it and making it as easy as possible for some people to read. Credits go to the people who had made the hack.

    So, your starting off as a lvl 70 full prestige badass, But you feel worried that Steam is going to ban you for hacking ur way there. No worries!

    What u wanna do first is to make sure, MAKE SURE. that your STUCK at lvl 70 / max prestige. I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY MISTAKES U MAKE ON RESETTING YOUR ACCOUNT.
    Also make sure MW2 ISNT running.

    Delete all of the files belonging to the Easy Trainer
    Go to C:/program files/steam/steamapps/common/callofdutymodernwarfare2/players
    and delete the 2 STAT files, They are the jibberish looking files in the folder.
    then go to
    C:/Program files/steam/userdata/some numbered folder/some numbered folder/remote and delete the 2 files residing in that folder and
    go ingame and your level 1. You can use any hack / bot that edits your lvl now.

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