Just to make it clear, This worked for me and im not sure if it will work for everyone, but im just getting the info out.This is just a combination of all the methods knows right now with a little modification

1) Delete all the files in C/Windows/Prefetch
2)Delete all the log files
3)Delete everything but x3.xem and xnina.xem XIGNCODE.USA
4)Put the hack on USB and delete it from your computer
5) Restart PC

6)Run the game without the hack without deleting any of the files above.
7)Close the game and try it again with the hack now.
8) The third party error should be gone now. If the game crashes or you close the game out by mistake, just lauch the game with hack again(you dont need step 1-6)
This worked for me, hope it does for others.Sorry for my bad english

Credit to Inf4niTy,ActionTurnip for steps 1-5