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    Cool Event Bot( or something like this)!!!!

    Hi guys,

    Today i will show you how to get my AFK Bot , to do the events for you!

    So, you only have to follow some very simple steps.

    The first thing we need to do is to start AVA and login.

    After, we must press the "Quick join options" button like in the picture.

    Next, we must press the "Delete All" button as shown in the picture.

    After that, we have to click "Special Warfare","Warfare" or "Escort"(because in those sections are the most events) and then select ONLY 1 map.

    Finally press the "O Save" button to save the settings and then F7 to start the AFKing and let my bot do the events for you!

    Press Thanks button if helped you! :P

    If you have any kind of problems post your problem in the thread or add me in Skype:minebill.minebilll

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