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    Easy way to level and get cash [AFK-Method]

    Hi all,

    Today is my first thread and also my first tutorial and my english isn't the best. So tips and some english corrections would be thankful.
    Lets start the tutorial !

    What do I need?
    For the tutorial it requires a hack with the following features...
    - Aimbot
    - Auto Aim
    - Auto Shoot
    - Super Weapons (Recommended)
    - Instant Bullets with Unl. Ammo
    Also you have to download the Auto Keyboard by Murgee. It's too easy to install, so I won't make a tutorial on how to install it.

    How does it work?
    1. First thing you need to do is starting ava with a hack injected.
    2. Once in the lobby, go to your desktop and open the Auto keyboard tool.

    3. Set the Auto Keyoard tool settings like this.
    4. Now you click on 'Target...'.

    5. Set the target settings like I did.
    6. Now you go back to the AVA lobby and go to 'Co-op Channel 1'.
    7. Once you're connected to the channel, make a new room and select the map 'Prison Break - Survival'.
    8. Now open your hack menu and turn on the required hack features for this tutorial. (Turn on Aimbot, Auto Aim, Auto Shoot, (Super Weapons), Instant Bullets with Unl. Ammo).
    9.Once that is done, go to the Auto Keyboard tool and click 'Start KeyPressing'.
    10. Head back to AVA and click 'Start'.

    11. Once in-game, go to the truck and stand on the left-corner.

    Online Virus Scans
    Sorry guys, I'm not able to post links.. So I decided to make a .txt file in the .rar file with the links of the virusscan.

    Why do I have to use the Auto Keyboard tool?
    If you don't use the Auto Keyboard tool, it will kick you out of the room for idling.

    Can I minimize AVA and does this bot still do his work?
    Yes it does, I tried it. So you can go surf on the internet or something else..

    Do I get banned for this?
    Yes, ofcourse you can get banned because of this. You're using hacks. But the chance of getting banned by this is much lower than hacking in a PVP-Game.

    Why shouldn't I let the bot kill for more than an hour?
    You won't get more exp, I tried it already and beside that.. The chance of getting banned is much higher.

    Which hack did you use?
    I use the hack that was created by Neox version 2.0.

    This is the end of my first tutorial and my first thread. Please leave a comment and some tips. (NOTE: My english isn't the best but I did my best to make it clear.


    Bo Menick

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    You're not really allowed to repost things like that, people will have to google it.

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