Okay, forget my last post, this was my first time making my own farm. Here are the new rates, I think you will find they are pretty competetive to the rest on MPGH.

210 Kills = $1
660 Kills = $2.50
1250 Kills = $4

I won't ask for your username and password! Just your IGN for CF!
You can either contact me by sending an e-mail to h4m1dpsp@live.ca
Or go into Crossfire at these times and my IGN is GOLIATHKILL:
1:30 PM EST = Delta Channel 5
4:00 PM EST = Delta Channel 7
6:30 PM EST = Delta Channel 8 or 9

Any other time after 6:30 I will be in Delta 4 or 5!

Or you can just PM here at MPGH! Payments through PayPal! You get kills first, then I get paid!