hi everyone, im trying to provide a farming service here. i know its not the right place...but only a few people go to that farming forum so..

100k exp/day = 8k zp or 10$ (paypal only)

in next few days if the result is good i will try to lift the limit to 450 k exp /day price.. will see

im not using any farming program , it's all done manually(no hacks) so you won't get banned for any reason

payment method:

1.if your acc is under 2nd lt with no zp items you must go first (paypal)even with mm, ill farm your acc when i receive the money

2.if your acc is higher than 2nd lt and have good weapons i can go first with or without mm, but i have to have your sq (dont worry i wont spam you..)

how do you trust me ? Well, ill try to talk to the official mm in mpgh and give them a safety deposit. If i spammed you, you can go to the mm and get your money back. (I can also deposit a 1lt acc to the mm)

100k exp * 4days = from new acc to 2nd lt and you keep all gp. and the timed weapons.

so if you interested add me on msn or just reply this thread