New Farmservice!!!

You want to rank up fast, to be higher than your friends???
You want to make kills for high badges???
You want to have a better reputation of your clan, resulting from a nice cw winning percentage???

Than send me an pm how many kills you want to farm and which payment you want to use (only Paypal and PaySafeCard)!!!


5000 Kills - 15 Euro
10000 Kills - 30 Euro
(special number of Kills will be accepted but only round numbers. I will offer you a price for this kills)

At the moment only 6 cow are available, later there will be 8.

Impotant things you should not forget:

-Dates for farming are discussed individually.
-Payment must be made first, so my expenses are covered and a conflict-free farm can is expected.

Note: If you still have questions, post it that everyone can read it if something seems to be unclear.