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    How to get AVG 2011 Free with no expiration!

    Welcome to my tutorial on how to get the AVG Anti Virus and AVG TuneUp 2011 for free!

    1) Download AVG Internet Security here. ---->AVG Free - Antivirus Free Download | Free Virus Protection

    2)Click download button after scrolling down under Internet Security

    3)Save the file then start installing it.

    4)When you come up to a point where it gives you 2options. A recommended one(Don't remember sorry, it's the TOP one) or the Custom Options. Click on the recommended(top) one.

    5)During the download, it will ask you to close your browser, close the browser before/during the installation but remember to save all the tabs and websites you were on.

    6)During the download, it will ask you if you want to download the AVG toolbar, it's your choice if you want to.

    7)When your done with the installation, it may ask you to restart your computer, if this shows, restart it or the next following steps may not take in affect.

    8)After you restarted you computer(if it said you had to) then open up AVG Internet Security.

    9)Move your mouse to the top of the program and click Help.

    10)Go down and click Activate.

    11)A pop up should come up.(SS will be posted at end of post)

    12)Once you Activate, update AVG and use Whole Computer Scan.

    13)When the Scan is finish, click Repair Checked.

    14)A pop up will come up and ask you to download AVG TuneUp 2011.(Don't need to activate it if you already activated AVG Internet Security.

    15)Have fun keeping your PC or Laptop Malware Free!


    AVG Keygen:

    Step 11:

    Virus Scans
    AVG 9 Keygen.exe MD5:570ff5cef2eee4102396e51c772f458c - Scanners did not find malware!
    VirusTotal - Free Online Virus, Malware and URL Scanner

    When using a hack, you must use your own injector. If the hack you downloaded comes with it, AVG will not use it cause of the false/positive. Use your own injector such as; PerX, FaithInjector, Casey Injector, etc.
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