Hey guys,months ago I created a clan,which I left now. Its unactive atm (19 members,only like 5-6 active.)
Its rank is around 2k.
Im thinking about going back to the clan,but Im looking for people who can help me. Like co-leaders (LTs) and many members.
Im not cocky or something,but Im really a pro at this game,and if other good/pro people would join,we could make it to the top!
The clan is called: ArmyOfUdjat ,but it doesnt matter since we can change the name & the logo. I also bought a +5 more members back then.
So the clan can have 30 members,which would be perfect for the beginning.
Guys please dont say: "its a noob low ranked clan,why would I join it?" Please join and help me make the clan grow! You dont have to join pro clans,instead u can help a new clan becoming pro.
Im waiting for comments....
Thanks and bye!.