Hello guys! Im a Masteradmin of RaZoR Server at IW4Play! I wanna welcome all of you to our grand-modded Call of Duty: MW2 RaZoR MAIN MIXED Server at IW4Play! Join us and play in our razorultimatemod!

Create your OWN strike package with killstreaks from MW2, MW3, BlackOps:
Assault: UAV, Care Package, Lodestar (Reaper), C130 Airstrike, Littlebird, Jet Pilot, Osprey Gunner.
Support: Counter-UAV, Ballistic Vests, Airdrop Trap, Remote Sentry, Sam Turret, Juggernaut, Escort Airdrop.
Specialist: All specialist perks.
Classic: Your pre-defined killstreaks in Class.
Random: Get random killstreak rewards.

Main gametype: Hardcore TDM. Also available: Team Gun Game with 60 weapons, including portable AC130; Cranked, Infected, Kill Confirmed from Ghosts.

You will also find here: Field Orders from Ghosts, Buildable Stairs, Falling Boxes and many more exclusive things!
This mod was developed for 2 years and very well balanced. Players enjoy playing on our Server. Lets join!