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    Cool Crossfire Montage! :D (plz no hate)

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    my channel if you dont like my vids, please dont hate, just dont watch hope u enjoy it though.

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    You need to increase the zoom on the replay portions
    Make it widescreen.
    If you want ultra- slowmo plz take out the sound bc with my turtle beaches i got a insane headache
    Dont mix ingame with replay unless replay is part of the clip WHat i mean is dont use a clip from a replay and a clip from ingame
    In the start, the thing for sunlight doesnt move which doesnt gie realism and shows a nooby effect tbh
    The jigsaw effect was slow, and tbh had some black parts
    At like 1:40 the effect was late
    When u fraps replay make sure u dont have any voice chat thing running bc i hear voices at 1:47
    There was no trainsition betwen these frags at : 2:05
    Theres a black screen at 2:50 with noise...
    I turned off by now....
    And btw work on getting better frags. Those frags are the 1's i reclyce every game...
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