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    [Getting Started]

    I have no problem reading through all the material on this site about .gsc modding, and also going to other places to get info too. I have a few questions since I have not done any .gsc modding before.

    1. These files that are being modded, are in fact C++ script files that are run during game execution. Do these files get updated often? If so, where do I get latest files? Is there anyway for me to get the latest files from extracting them from my own game files, I prefer this way, since it is more reliable, and also I always have latest version of files.

    2. I believe there is a syntax checker available. Is this only checking like a spell check would (making sure names are proper) or does it actually parse the files and make sure scope and such are proper?

    Thanks for your help. I intend on making game mods specifically for aIWnet.

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    Hi, first of all, gsc modding has nothing to do with C++. If you want the latest gsc files, you need to update your game. The changes you see in modern warfare 2 such as: weapon bug fixes etc.. are little fixes in gsc files. The syntax checker is usually built-in feature on the console of moden warfare 2 however, you cannot acces this due to legality. Syntac checker is a feature that checks if theres any error that terminates your game/sever(s). Theres been a program made to replace "legality disabling" and allow you to check for any problems in your GSC (syntax error checking). The program is called "FFViewer". This program let's you to open,save,edit,extract gsc files from .FF files. In that program theres a syntax checker feature. It's buggy, but it's good for a start

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