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    GSC Modding for beginners.

    Hi, i am going to explain WIDE how to start gsc modding.

    First of all, you need to know some notes!

    Note 1: This has nothing to do with console, if you type any of the mods in the console, you will probably fail.

    Here is the difference:

    Note 2: If you make a mistake, you will never know what mistake you made. Try to be CLEAN AND CAREFULL!

    Now i will explain you what gsc modding is.

    Gsc modding is something like making hacks in other languages but then 20x easier. GSC is the language of the scripts that has been used in the cod series. (exept for cod3) If you go ingame and experience the ingame motions and the gameplay, you will not only notice the images and the textures, but also the happenings. (slow motion, animated text etc) These are scripted in GSC files. GSC Files are easy to get in the first 3 cod's (CoD1, UO, COD2). But, in cod4 and codwaw they made it harder to get and to edit. They build different filetype that is called "fastfile". Fastfiles are compressers like .zip and .rar . But, .ff is not possible to open with any LEGAL programs. There are few uncompressers for cod4 and theres ONE for CoDMW2, it's called "FFViewer" Now you probably wondering to get the software, but before you get it, you might think twice because it's an illegal software.

    Ok, now if you red all of this shit, we can stard editing a GSC. I will explain step by step how and when and where to start.

    First of all, there is no legal software as i told you to open .FF files, so we are going to use FFViewer, search it on google, we can't provide any outside links to you cause of the rules. If you have FF Viewer, make a new map (i use desktop), put your FFViewer files in there.

    Open ffviewer, click file, open, search for MW2 Root, go to ZONE/english(or any other language). Then in that folder, open your chosen .FF that you want to read. The most used and the most detailed .FF is the "Patch_MP.ff".

    When you opened that file, click on the "Raw Files" tab, and click on your chosen .gsc file. The things you see before the .gsc filename like "maps/gametypes", are the folders that are compressed in the .FF file.
    I prefer using the "_rank.gsc" file.

    Now, here comes the hard part.

    You see all the codes on the left side? Good, you are now good to edit.
    From here on, you need to use your brain, i can't help you learn GSC coding, but i can give you tons of hints and tips.

    Getting started with coding in GSC Scripts:

    First of all, you need to know how/where/when to call in your function.
    Thats why, they use threads. Threads are easy "names" that you call in to let your functions work. To call in threads, you need to put this simple code
    thread yourchosenname();
    in your script. If you experience and learn the "_rank.gsc", then you know where to put it. To call in threads when your player is spawned, click CTRL F, find "onplayerspawned". When you found it, you will see this:
    thread OnPlayerSpawned();
    Thats when the maker called in that thread. If you now find the same text again, you will find this:
    , that is the thread name, under that you will see this: { it's called an open bracket. In the gsc script language it means opening. If you put that under your thread name, you will open your thread, if you don't put it, your script will give an error. Under that line you can write all of your mods and scripts. For the mods and scripts, visit this page: There are my usefull scripts, i recommend you to first experience those little mods before roughly putting it in to work.

    Now your good to go, click CTRL A then your whole text is blue, if not do it again, then click CTRL C, go to NOTEPAD, click CTRL V, then you will see the same script in notepad. Save it somewhere.

    NOTE! NAME MUST BE THE ONE YOU HAVE CHOSEN (in this case, _rank.gsc)

    Use modloader and the tutorial on how to use it. If you use alteriwnet, use this tutorial to let your mod work:

    Good luck.


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    any video tutorial my english sux

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