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    Hey guys.

    I'm quite old to modding Q3 engine games, but Modern Warfare 2 has caught me off guard. I'm currently looking to host some private match lobbies with modded gametypes (server side) for PC.

    I was playing a private server yesterday with the Quarrantine Chaos Zombie Mod v2, and thought to myself, I want to do that. So I have a couple of questions, if you would be so kind to answer.

    Can you get banned for hosting a MW2 Private modded lobby?
    How do you make a modded lobby? (Use modloader? Can you link?)
    How do you setup an admin access? (To kick people and stuff)
    Will you need a SQL server to set up the kicking system?

    And getting a little bit more advanced here...

    How do you actually make a mod? (Like Quarrantine Chaos Zombies)
    What programs do you need? (I've got Modio)
    Does Modio allow you to mod a private match? (Not spec-ops or campaign)

    Just as some info, I'm absolutely not interested in any aimbots, wallhacks or any other way of cheating in a public lobby. I don't want an advantage over other players when I just want to play in a normal lobby. I know Visual Basic, Some C++ and some Java, in my "Programming Languages." And if there are any videos, I'd love to watch them...

    Thanks guys, and hope to hear back from you soon.
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    Should be posted into the HELP threads. (Section)

    1) - Yes
    2) - Learn GSC coding.
    3) - Once again either download a program such as (MW2AdminTool) or program one into a mod.
    4) - Once again learn Scripting in GSC coding.

    5) - GSC coding(...)
    6) - No need just something such as (Notepad or Notepad++)
    7) - No.
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