Hi all, i've been working on a mod for the last 3 months. I'm a professional Counter-strike modder and this will be my first big release for MW2.
I'm looking for people who wanna come test with me this weekend (9-10 October) and try to abuse stuff so we can fix the bugs and abuses =D

If u wanna join post ur steamID here or send it in a private message.
I will be hosting 2 servers, which means up to 32 people get the chance to play for 3 hours then we switch to new people.

What is in the mod.

- Spawning system for public and private
- Perfect working full health zombie mod
- Edited maps and new way to create walls which allows a lot more bunkers
- Intro/Outro
- Endless looping server (map rotating)
- Host spectator mode (Close to dedicated mode)
- Host can edit settings and kick while in spectator mode
- Ingame map editing (placing blocks) tool for making maps way easier
- VIP and ADMIN-only system
- 90% completed in total, close to remaking my legendary CS1.6 and CSS zombie servers (Clan-LTDT)

For more information message me.
Or add me on steam: h34dshootz

- h34dsh00tz -