Hello people the noob is back whit a new question, i changed the player model in my mod that i am going to release on mpgh.net whit 2 virus scans and a picture. So i'm trying to put an Fx you know like:

playFxOnTag( level.spawnGlow["enemy"], self, "j_head" );
self attach("weapon_minigun", "j_shouldertwist_le", false);

A good guy posted this some time before but now i want to put this on the normal player model i changed to the harrier model "vehicle_av8b_harrier_jet_mp"

attaching a extra model works but doing a Fx is not working i did this whit a attaching a model:

self attach("weapon_minigun", "tag_right_wingtip", false);
This one shows up a minigun on the wing so it works.

playFxOnTag( level.spawnGlow["enemy"], self, "tag_right_wingtip" );
There comes no script error but its showing up nothing why?

And how do i make the harrier model you play explode when you got killed?

Thanks for taking the time.