I think this would possibly be pretty simple to achieve as its only going to envolve a few items that need to be changed which could make a mean game

My idea is to have say 3/4 e drops automatically come in on a loaction and the aim of the game would be to capture the crates that would give points instead of ks's

It would work as tdm/ffa well

Things needed to be done:
remove explosive weapons as tubing the drop site will be too easy to do (easy)
get the drops to come in on there own (hard)
change from ks's to points (hard)
hud message to explain (easy)
no points for killing/very low (very easy)

also if the auto drop was to hard you could force care package/e drop ks's and then change them to points so people get say a 4ks get a care package, get 2 points for collecting it and the score limit is say 10

what do you guys think?
i put the diffuculty ratings in relative scale, something i put as hard you might think is easy anyway

im not that good with the coding so if someone wants to work together/do it themselves + credits thats ok