First post here, but in my iSnipe mod I have disabled no scoping BUT when i get an AoE it just does nothing because of the following code

	if(sMeansOfDeath == "MOD_MELEE" && !IsSubStr( sweapon, "throwingknife" )) {
		iDamage = 0.0;
		eAttacker iPrintlnBold("^2Knifing disabled!");
	} else if(distance(eAttacker.origin, victim.origin) <= 200 && eAttacker playerADS() == 0 && sWeapon == "cheytac_fmj_xmags_mp") {
		iDamage = 0;
		eAttacker iPrintlnBold("^1Don't Close Range No Scope!");
		iDamage = 9999;
Thanks to https://www.mpgh.net/forum/323-call-d...-feauture.html for that.

But when i use AoE it basically sees that im not ADS'ing at all and counts the damage as 0. I am kinda new to GSC and such but the only var I can find in _killstreaks is the AoEactive, not sure if I have to check if that is 1 or 0.

Any help is appreciated