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    Unhappy cg_overheadNamesNearDist is cheat protected. server not running

    Calling PartyHost_StartParty()
    PartyHost_StartParty was called, calling Party_StopParty
    Calling Party_StopParty() for partyId 0
    Clearing migration data
    Clearing migration data
    We're going to be updating trueskill #0
    Got our host key for our new party - xnkid (
    Working directory: D:\SERWER MW2
    Using profile source cloud (l:1 c:1)
    execing default_720p.cfg from disk
    cg_overheadIconSize is cheat protected.
    cg_overheadNamesSize is cheat protected.
    cg_overheadNamesFarScale is cheat protected.
    cg_overheadNamesFarDist is cheat protected.
    cg_overheadNamesNearDist is cheat protected.
    execing dvar_defaults.cfg from disk
    No stats found, zeroing out stats buffer
    execing mp/stats_init.cfg from fastfile
    Server is not running.

    What can i do about this? I am trying to run zombie mod and my server wont run already added fs_game mod thingy in server.cfg but i can't get server to be up and running
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