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    What am i looking for QCZM v2.1 Chaz Edit


    This is what im looking for,


    Lightweight perk added for humans,

    Juggernaut for Humans, ( Zombies Have to knife twice )

    Super knife for Humans, ( Humans hit 750 HP With knife )

    Akimbo Desert eagle shooting Grenade bullets For humans


    jetpack For Zombies

    EMP for Zombies

    Zombies can buy 1 bullet that hit 10 HP from human ( need 10 bullets to kill human )

    Need one little error fixed,

    _rank file

    ( This would be the hard part )

    make Random items For humans & Zombies.

    And Humans can buy ( )

    And will be placed where they stand, Remain there whole round AND zombies cant hit humans with it.

    Sentry gun shooting frag grenades For humans

    There is a Round ending glitch, Want that fixed

    Something so people cant flood my Rcon anymore,
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