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Looks like a draft of what a kiddy drew.. but nice job either way.. Photoshop better
I did that first... Looked wicked... but I just didn't like it for some reason. Not being up myself or anything but it just looked too "professional-like" for the target audience? (10-15 year old adolescents)

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Well done, you've figured out the theme all by yourself *clap*. Probably was done in photoshop anyway. And how is "Photoshop better" even relevant? Photoshop is a program for image creation etc, what you make with it is up to you. It is possible to make absolute shit using photoshop you know .

Looks good freedom, but your messageboxes are a little bit...iffy...The crinkly background clashes with the button design a little :P
I'll see what I can do

Thanks for the suggestions !