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The problem is i dont know how to get a base or learn C++
No offense, but people like you need to go option 3 ( Die in a hole). You leech off of others so that you can can claim the hacks as your own. How old are you? 8? It's not that hard to search up "Learn C++" on google. You'll quit anyway and continue leeching off of others. We don't need people making the exact same hack. C+Ping a base and snippets of codes does not make you a coder. IT MAKES YOU A FAG. Now if you were asking how to learn c++ this would be different. But all your asking is for people to do the work for you so you can go to another section and claim you did all he work. Hopefully no one helps you, you won't even be able to get a menu working since menus are detected now and you need to code a bypass. / End flame.