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there are many ways that god mode can still be accomplished, although i will not reveal all of them, i will tell some.
-nop medkits as a regen, but have like 10 of them on you, and set their positions to you (as carz said but without the position thing)
-make a hack for the medkit stabby thingy to be activated (pretty sure this is client sided by now)
-some others that i will not release yet

most known already, but just to put some ideas in ur heads..

and to mr.whatshisface, dont critisize me for trying to make u, the community, a new godmode by asking a simple question. i asked for no flaming and what do i get? flaming.

yes, bullets in ca are conceptual, but they can be traced (sounds crazy eh?)
OR you can find the value of your health and set/freeze it to 99999 and you have godmode jajaja, Nexon can do that so how can it be patched?

And speedforyou didnt think of bullet magnet, mmbob is the creator/inventor of this, which is just SuperOPK as he calls it, where all of his bullets auto hit an enemy head. The only difference between that and what speedforyou is talking about is that everyone's bullets hit a certain point instead of just you're own, and you can't call that until you do it in game

Also 3$ says supercarz gets banned