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    Quote Originally Posted by LilGho$t View Post
    Lol you mad bro?
    I've never said don't pursue this all i'm saying is if you're looking to make hacks for release c++ would be the faster solution.
    My posts don't say not to code it in vb.NET they are just presenting the fact that c++ is faster than vb.
    They're also questioning why you would even go about this task.
    I think it would be a fun project i just don't see it as practical.
    The idea behind is rapid application development. This would allow for faster and simpler development of DirectX hacks, and give access to use of the extensive libraries pre-packaged with Microsoft's .net compiler. Seems practical enough to me...

    Oh no! Vortex is gay!

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    Quote Originally Posted by master131 View Post
    His example wasn't even in VB.NET, it was coded in VB6. There is a fucking difference between the two hence his data is wrong. VB.NET uses the .NET Framework and Common Language Runtime, VB6 does not. Anything coded in VB.NET is stored as IL code and anything in VB6 is stored as assembly code.

    Look, stop hijacking my thread or I'm just going to close it. It's my choice to choose whatever language to code a hack in, there's no need to go around saying, C++ is better, don't bother coding CA hacks in any other programming language. So what if it is faster? Does it matter? As long as the time difference is not major, who cares. I'm trying to do something unique, why even bring up "C++ is generally faster in VB.NET".
    I didn't even say there wasn't a difference. His point obviously got to you either way.

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