Hello guys,
before i start talking about my actual questions i just want to tell something about me. I am new in the hacking scene, but i am really intrested I started learning C++ 2 weeks ago. I understood the basics of hacking ( what a hack is basicly doing....). So yeah here are my questions:

1. In another post i saw a guy writing some addresses. For example i took Rapidfire.
#define RapidFire 0x37506A45 Ok so i would like to know wether this address is the address for the shooting speed or not. And what is the standard value of this address? Or how can i find out the value (without cheat engine cuz i think it is detected).
2. In another post i saw a guy writing some code again. I think it was about kicking on both sides(Alpha and Bravo Team). So now i want to know how to use this code:
Combat Arms Hack Coding / Programming / Source Code - MPGH - MultiPlayer Game Hacking - Hacks, Cheats, Downloads, Trainers, Games (I know it is an url but i writing this with my smart phone so i can not see the whole code.) I would create a empty dll file then i would select "Source Files" and adding a file calld main.cpp. Then i would post the whole code in the main.cpp. Then after building my hack as a dll file i would inject it to my combat arms and yeah I dont know wether this right or not I would be really nice if you give me some answers to my questions
Greetz speed