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    SFXMgr -> crash

    Hey. I got a problem, everytime I try to access the SFXMgr class I crash. Just now I was using it like this

    cGameClientShell* pGameClientShell = (cGameClientShell*)GCS;
    	  cSFXMgr * SFXMgr;
    	  SFXMgr = pGameClientShell-> GetSFXMgr ();
    My log entry looks as following

    Passed gameclientshell.
    pGameClientShell is a valid pointer.
    After which there are no more entries, meaning it must crash upon GetSFXMgr. Can anyone look at my classes and verify whether they are up to date? I have not yet learned to use Reclass so I am using those I could get my hands on.

    class cGameClientShell
                            virtual void Function0();
                            virtual void Function1();
                            virtual void Function2();
                            virtual void Function3();
                            virtual void Function4();
                            virtual void Function5();
                            virtual void Function6();
                            virtual void Function7();
                            virtual void Function8();
                            virtual void Function9();
                            virtual void Function10();
                            virtual void Function11();
                            virtual void Function12();
                            virtual void Function13();
                            virtual void Function14();
                            virtual void Function15();
                            virtual void Function16();
                            virtual void Function17();
                            virtual void Function18();
                            virtual void Function19();
                            virtual void Function20();
                            virtual void Function21();
                            virtual void Function22();
                            virtual void Function23();
                            virtual void Function24();
                            virtual void Function25();
                            virtual void Function26();
                            virtual void Function27();
                            virtual void Function28();
                            virtual void Function29();
                            virtual void Function30();
                            virtual void Function31();
                            virtual void Function32();
                            virtual void Function33();
                            virtual void Function34();
                            virtual void Function35();
                            virtual void Function36();
                            virtual void Function37();
                            virtual void Function38();
                            virtual void Function39();
                            virtual void Function40();
                            virtual void Function41();
                            virtual void Function42();
                            virtual void Function43();
                            virtual void Function44();
                            virtual void Function45();
            virtual DWORD GetClientInfoMgr();
            virtual DWORD GetInterfaceManager();
        virtual DWORD GetPlayerManager();
                            virtual void Function49();
                            virtual void Function50();
                            virtual void Function51();
                            virtual void Function52();
                            virtual void Function53();
                            virtual void Function54();
                            virtual void Function55();
                            virtual void Function56();
            virtual cSFXMgr* GetSFXMgr();
    //SFXMgr and SFXL
    class SFXL
    			unsigned long	unk0;
    	unsigned long*	List;
    			unsigned long	unk1;
    	int				Num;
    class cSFXMgr
    	SFXL		SFXList[0x3D];

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    Your virtual is at wrong position.
    In reclass seebthe asm code of the virtual function and you will notice a abstatoc offset which changes every update. Sigscan it or use the same way like me. Sigscan the virtual, hook it and get eax + offset thats your sfxmgr pointer then.

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